Monday, October 18, 2010

October 13, 2010

They have arrived. They arrived early, which made me very uneasy since they were only 28 weeks and 6 days old. When I went into the hospital 4 days earlier it was because my water broke. So when I checked into the hospital it was the ultimate goal to keep those babies inside for another couple of weeks, at least 4. The thought of being on bed rest at the hospital and only being allowed to get up and use the restroom was depressing. Family was working during the day, Cisco was at work at hight and if I was lucky he would spend lots of time during his days off, but we had Anthony and Olivia at the house and he needed to spend time with them. I thought I was doing really good even with my water being broke, no real problems, babies heartbeats were really good when I was being monitored. Earlier in the day they did an ultrasound and they noticed that there was nearly no water around Catherine and Charlie, I had been leaking most of the day and they thought that Charlie broke her water as well. Now, when we were doing the monitoring on Wednesday night it looked a little grim. The girls heartbeats were higher than usual and it was hard to monitor Charlie and Catherine on the machine, they kept moving and finally the nurses settled with leaving a monitor on Cecilia and tried hard to keep the monitors on Charlie and Catherine. The nurses left out of the room to call the doctor and I was told that I had to get some blood drawn to see if an infection was starting. They took blood and we waited for the results. The doctor called me and told me that if there were signs of infection we would be going into surgery pretty fast. So after an hour, I was told that I was showing signs of infection so we were going to be delivering the babies.

We rolled into the prep area and got ready, FAST. When we were in the delivery room they were quick, I was pretty drugged on Morphine but I remember that it didn't seem to take long for the doctor to get those girls out. My first was Catherine born at 10:57pm, and then I had Cecilia at 10:58pm, then there was my Charlie at 11:00pm. I teased my mom the next day and told her that I couldn't think of what to get her for her birthday so I thought that three granddaughers would work as a perfect present.

Cisco went out of the room with the NICU doctor when the doctor took the girls. He was able to see them before me and spend at least a little bit of time with them. I'm sure that they were so busy doing things for them.

Waking up the next day I was nothing but tired and sore and sick of people coming into my room to take vitals, temperature, and blood from me. I just wanted to sleep and get off those drugs so I could go and see my girls. I was finally able to do so and when I did I could not believe how tiny they were. I've never seen such a thing. My heart just broke thinking how I was unable to hold my babies and not knowing when I would be able to do so. The doctors are the best and they were being very realistic with me as in what to expect.

As the days went on Catherine was doing better as each day went by. It seemed that with each passing day there was good news and moving forward with her getting better and getting off machines, now she is on breast milk and seems to be doing well with it. She has no more lights on her and she is on a very minimal amount of oxygen which is great.

Cecilia has PAD (I just found out lastnight that she had it as well) but since her oxygen has been going down, I am assuming that her PAD is closing which is great. She is no longer on lights either, and today when we went to go and see her she was awake after the nurse changed her diaper, she looked at us, she sneezed about 5 times in a row (just like her mama) and stayed awake for the entire visit. It just about killed me to leave her since she was awake.

When we got there Charlie was being prepped to get her PICC line so that could remove the arterial line out of her belly button, so we couldn't visit with her at that time. But when we went yesterday she was doing better.

I am just so thankful for all the family, friends and church family that we have because we have been having nothing but prayers and good wishes for our girls. I truly believe that our faith and love for eachother and our family has kept us strong and has gotten us through this very difficult time. Everything is day by day. And since there will be great days and days with set backs we have to be prepared for it all. Nothing but a rollercoaster ride, but I have faith and my girls seem to be very strong, and they are little fighters so I have nothing but high hopes for them to come home sooner than expected.


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