Saturday, April 09, 2011

Crazy Babies...

These babies are driving me crazy today. I'm hoping all they want to do is nap, so that there is not a ton of crying. My nerves are still standing on end from yesterday. I don't know if they didn't take a long enough nap, or if they weren't feeling good, maybe they will be starting to go through teething soon...who knows but it was non stop yesterday. I was so over it by about 6pm. I'm really glad that my mom came over to help, however, I was hoping that it would have been sooner than 8:30pm, hey, at least she was able to come over.

I know that there is something up when they act like that, since they aren't overly cry baby like. So I just throw it up to something bothering them. I want to get into the car and go for a drive so bad. I think it's the weather. I think that if I just had a car to do it, I'm sure that I would pack up the girls and drive somewhere. I'm pretty sure that by the time I got to my destination I would seriously regret my decision! Well, maybe I will go hide in my room now since these little terrors are asleep for right now. Now, time to figure out din din.