Monday, June 21, 2010

Fly Me To The Moon...

I recently downloaded this song onto my iPhone since I had been forgetting to do it for the longest time. I love it...I always thought that it was a great song, but it just holds a completely different meaning now.

On the night that Cisco proposed to me they played this song at the Bellagio along with the fountain show while we were having dinner on the terrace at Olives. Ever since then when I hear the song I think of the water shooting up and the song going along with it all. I can still picture in my head the which way the fountains turned at certain points of the song and when the water would shoot up high into the sky. Depending on the song that plays with the water it brings tears to my eyes for some reason and this song did that to always does now. It's definately one that I plan on dancing with my husband to at our wedding.