Monday, May 03, 2010

Oh Baby...

Well as if planning a wedding that will be taking place in a little over 4 months wasn't hectic enough...throw being pregnant into the mix. Yep, found out a couple weeks ago that we will be expecting a little Cisco Jr. or Melissa Jr. So that means wedding in September and baby in either late December or early January. that's a lot of planning, I'm tired just thinking about doing it all.

I'm glad though, I'm ready to do it again. I'm ready to do it again and not be alone in the whole process either so I am excited. It's strange, or it will be, to have someone want to and that does go to doctor appointments. Holds onto my belly when the baby starts to move and talks to him/her. Someone to love me and take care of me through all the good, bad and really ugly times that my rear it's head.

It's another adventure that we are partaking on and I am so excited. Everything is happening at once, it seems overwhelming, but it's ok, there is plenty of support.

It's a little scary to think that the last time I did this was 11 years ago. I went to Babies R Us recently and was shocked at all the crap they have now. They even have these little things to put in the toilet so when you are potty training your boy he has something to aim at, it's little styrofoam things that are good for the environment or something. Whatever happened to throwing some Cherrios in the toilet and letting them go at it? Why do you have to buy something to do it? They have pee guards why? They are cute, but totally impractical. Uh, cover the thing up with a wipe or diaper anyone? I don't know, I'm sure these are some of the gifts that I may be recieving, and maybe it's just seeming like a little much, but just like the last time everything will fall into place, new routines will be set and we will all move on with our new little family.


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