Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just a Waiting Game...

So there is a little over 6 months until my big wedding blow out. I have been thinking long and hard about many aspects of this wedding and hoping that all of my effort and thought will pay off and be appreciated by my family and friends. I think that it will, but I guess that I am just thinking about it right now. Now is the time where we are just trying to get together money and pay things off slowly, and I'm telling you it feels like it is going slowly. Cisco and I have made a sheet that lists all of the expenses and the deposit amounts and the amounts that we have left to do. I have highlighted the ones that are completely paid off and left the others alone, I think this week or within the next couple weeks would be to highlight some more of those columns. I am hoping that we fall into some money soon...or that Cisco does if he does his taxes so that we can pay down a few more things.

I'm still torn on finding favors, but not completely. My mom and I went looking the other day and found some really cute ideas, so at least now I am not completely left feeling lost. Also, Cisco and I have decided on not getting a cake topper for our cake since after looking at the cake again we feel that it would take away from the beauty of the cake itself. I think this will be a good idea, I don't know where I would put another figurine anyway. I hope I don't regret the decision later though.

I think other than that, I am just waiting to see when Cisco will get it together and figure out the tuxes for him and the boys, as well as the limo and the room. I'm getting anxious, but I don't want to pester him quite yet about it.


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